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Excerpt ~ Found in Us by Layla Hagen

I decide to use the dress as an excuse to leave early. To my dismay, Parker is leaning against the wall farther down the corridor, one or two turns away from the entrance to the bar. His eyes rest on the stain on my dress for a few seconds and my cheeks flare up instantly. I’m sure he can see the redness in them even in the dim light. “I have to go,” I say. “My dress is soaked.” “I’ll drive you home,” he says, walking toward me. “No, you just got here. I’m sure you and Dani have lots Read More

Found in Us by Layla Hagen

Synopsis: **This can be read as a STANDALONE. The second book in the Lost series tells Jessica and Parker’s story.** All Jessica wants -as a college graduate — is to be a good girl. She landed the job of her dreams at a museum and is trying to eliminate temptations. No more short skirts (when she can help it). No wild parties. And no men. She particularly excels at that last thing. . . Until her path crosses Parker’s. Again. Jessica remembers the last time their paths crossed very well. She was left with a seriously bruised ego. She knows it would be best to avoid him Read More

Excerpt ~ Sugar on The Rush by Sawyer Bennett

My hands grip the steering wheel with white knuckles as I realize all of a sudden that I’m driving a $140,000 vehicle. Then they start to sweat. “Relax,” Gavin croons at me. “You’re doing fine.” “I don’t want to wreck your car. It would take me a lifetime to pay it off,” I mutter. “That’s what insurance is for,” he says casually. Then he demands, “Go faster.” I push a little more firmly on the accelerator and the Maserati leaps under my request, the engine growling sexily at me. I can’t help the smile that comes to my face. “Nice, Read More

Pam McKenna ~ 3 Hot Novels ~ 3 Great Reads

Binding Agreement Pam McKenna Genre: Erotic Romance Publisher: BookTrope Publishing Synopsis:  A chance encounter on a moonlit beach draws sensible, cautious Kay Denehy into a night of anonymous passion and surrender with a ruthlessly dominant stranger. As John Randall introduces her to the exotic thrills of bondage and discipline, she discovers who she really is under the prim schoolteacher exterior—a sexual submissive who needs the strict and ardent guidance of a take-no-prisoners Dom like him. John carries more than his share of emotional baggage, the result of a tragedy for which he feels responsible. Though he cares for Kay, he Read More

Personal Target by Kay Thomas

Synopsis: AEGIS: an elite team of ex-military men working under the radar of most governments. If you have a problem no one else can handle, they can help. A former SEAL and Black Ops specialist who left the CIA, Nick Donovan gave up a life on the edge to work in the private sector. But that didn’t stop his enemies from coming after him—or his family. In a case of mistaken identity, a drug cartel kidnaps his sister-in-law’s best friend … a woman from Nick’s past. One minute Jennifer Grayson is housesitting and the next she’s abducted to a foreign Read More