Guest Post ~ Facts About Forget You by Jennifer Synder (Author of Forget You)

Forget You Cover

1) The Coldcreek Companion Series was supposed to end with Lauren’s story (Wreck You), which would have been a total of three full-length novels, when I started planning out the series. However, once I met Eva in Control You (Coldcreek Book 2) I knew she deserved her own story.

2) Eva grew up in foster care which left her with many issues as an adult, but also pushed her in the direction to become a Social Worker. This is what she’s going to college for.

3) While each novel in the Coldcreek Companion Series touches on some fairly heavy emotions—some more tragic than others—I feel as though Forget You is the most emotional out of the four.

4) Sawyer Keeton is Eva’s love interest in Forget You. While being one of the funniest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing, he was also an active member in the National Guard which was something I knew nothing about.

5) While writing Forget You I was lucky enough to score an interview with a local active member of the National Guard. In the interview I asked everything I could think of…Including what he missed most while in basic training. His answer was (not surprisingly) privacy.

6) When I was writing the bonus short story (Forgive You) found at the end of Forget You, I cried throughout typing the final page. Also, the bonus short was a complete afterthought, something I hadn’t intended to write, but felt readers would enjoy for more closure.




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