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Eva Bennett might be known for her candid approach and sharp tongue, but on the inside she’s still a vulnerable twenty-four year old who’s sick of kissing toads and being habitually single.

Full of comical one-liners and wielding a charming smile, Sawyer Keeton is more than meets the eye. After the news of his brother’s tragic death, however, Sawyer is pulled into a place filled with crippling emotions and pain—a place no one can seem to reach him…until the moment Eva steps into his life.

A twist of fate will bring them together and then tear them apart, forcing the two to learn there are people in life whom you cherish and pray will never forget you.


I absolutely enjoyed reading Forget You by Jennifer Snyder.  The main character Eva Bennett is a strong willed, take no shit, kind of girl and won my heart immediately. I loved how she didn’t just let anyone enter her life, how she had a certain standard of a guy she wanted to date and how she didn’t instantly fall for Sawyer Keeton, even thought it must have taken a lot of will power.

Sawyer Keeton is a smooth talking, sexy, Military police who will slowly break the walls surrounding Eva’s heart. The instant connection and chemistry between the two characters is absolutely breathtaking and Snyder does a great job in creating romance and sensuality between the two. There is definitely not fire works missing ….

I loved the entire storyline – especially since the story switched from both Eva and Sawyer’s point of view, which to me always makes a story that much better. I also loved how things weren’t so easy for both of the characters and they both had tragedy and faced opposition through the course of the book.  The ending will have you in tears and Snyder does a great job of tying it together.

This is definitely a must read!


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