Q&A with Pamela DuMond (Author of Part-Time Princess)


What is your inspiration for writing?

When I was young I stuttered. I was bullied in grade school and quickly became shy. But I loved to read and write. Book worlds would take me to a different place where no one made fun of me.


I talk just fine now – except, perhaps, a little too much. I love creating stories that make folks laugh, cry, and fall in love.


As my Mom grew older she developed terrible arthritis and was in a lot of pain. Although we lived far apart, I wanted to make her laugh during every phone conversation we shared. I did this about ninety-five percent of the time and I must admit—it always made me happy to hear her laugh.


What is your favorite character you have written and why?


This is kind of tough, because I fall in love with all my heroines in every book I write.


The heroine in my book The Messenger, Madeline Blackford, might be my fave character—by just a hair.


Madeline is basically a younger version of me after I moved cross-country, left behind my old business, and had to start a new business from scratch. During this 18-month period, my Dad died and my husband (at the time) walked out on me unexpectedly.


I was grieving, shocked, petrified, and I developed panic attacks and anxiety. I could barely leave my house. I had a really tough time driving on highways.


When I wrote Madeline’s story in The Messenger, I wrote the journey of who I would have liked to be. Madeline had anxiety, but I made her step up to the plate and just get it done. I made her be strong despite her fears. Writing Madeline inspired me.


What do you do when you get writers block?

I work out, I take a walk, and I clean the house. Or I write on a different book. I’m a big believer in writing out of sequence.


If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

This is so hard. Whoever wrote the Nancy Drew books inspired my love of mysteries. Ann Brashares always inspires me. My friend Shelly Fredman writes a hilarious mystery series that features a puff piece reporter called Brandy Alexander. Her first book is called No Such Thing as a Secret. The books are similar to Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series.


What is your favorite novel you have written and why?

Such a tough call. Every novel is my favorite novel until I write the next one. Probably The Messenger (Mortal Beloved, Book One). As an author, I poured a lot of heartache as well as a lot of hope into that book. It’s a YA Time travel, action-adventure romance.


“All the excitement of OUTLANDER if it was a YA series.”

If you like your heroines flawed but courageous, your heros handsome and brave and your bad guys dark and twisted? If you want to read about magic and curses, romance and thrills, then read THE MESSENGER (Mortal Beloved, Book One.) Be prepared for an action-adventure, love story that’s an adrenaline rush of a ride! Sixteen-year-old Madeline’s meant to fall in love with Samuel in every lifetime. But she meets him for the first time when she accidentally time travels into the past–hundreds years before she’s even born. Their relationship is forbidden–Samuel’s half Native, Madeline’s white. Every rendezvous they share must be secret. Each moment they spend together tempts the odds that they’ll be discovered and brutally punished. But their love is fated–they musk risk all. Danger intensifies when Madeline learns she’s in the past not only to fall in love, but also to claim her birth right as a Messenger–a soul who can slip through time’s fabric at will. She can bring messages that change one life or even save many.
Deadly Hunters, dark-souled time travelers, crave Madeline’s powers and seek to seduce or kill her. Can Madeline find her way back to the future in time to save herself and Samuel?

We’re currently starting to shop a TV pitch based on that book. I’ve worked with a show runner, a development exec and my entertainment manager for almost ten months getting this pitch ready. I’m nervous and scared and excited all at the same time.

The sequel – The Assassin (Mortal Beloved, Book Two) will be hitting shelves early 2015.


What is something that your fans may be surprised to hear about you?

I was a ‘torch song’ singer at The Gaslight Club in Chicago. It was kind of like the Playboy Club but with a Roaring 20s Speakeasy theme. Gaslight Girls wore similar outfits to the Bunnies but thankfully we didn’t have to wear the ridiculous ears or tails.


How did you come up with the title of your book?

At first I thought Ms. Part-time Job. But when I told my friend and editor, Chase Heiland, about the story he suggested Part-time Princess. Much better title!


What book are you reading now?

I’m reading Firebird by Susanna Kearsley, Stardust by Mimi Strong, and I can’t wait to read Luna Tango by Allie Sinclair who is shipping it to me from Australia, because it’s not yet available in the States.


What was the hardest part of writing your book?

My mom died unexpectedly in the middle of writing Part-time Princess. It was heartbreaking and excruciating to travel two thousand miles back to Wisconsin in the middle of winter, stay in three motels, plan her funeral, bury her, wrap up all her belongings, ship what I wanted to keep to my home in L.A.

We even gave her beloved cat, Molly, to be the Service Kitty to the seniors living at Our House Memory Care Assisted Living.

My mom was a firecracker and I miss her every day.


Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

Be kind to people. A little kindness goes a long way. When you start publishing and you’re climbing up that ladder—remind yourself that all the people you think that you’re passing on your way up? If you fall on tough times as an author—you’ll be passing them on the way down. Be kind.


Do you have any advice to your fans who are interested in becoming a writer themselves

Persevere, persevere, and persevere. Write every day if you can. Even if it’s just a paragraph—it adds up. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do this. Don’t accept every “No,” as the definitive rejection. My dad used to tell me that every time some one tells you, “No,” you are that much closer to the person who will say, “Yes.”

And remember that you must say ‘Yes’ to yourself—first. This isn’t about being selfish—it’s about giving yourself permission to follow your dream and succeed.

Thanks so much for having me on UnderneathTheCovers blog. I’m so happy to be featured here!

About The Author:

Pamela DuMond is the author who discovered Erin Brockovich’s life story, thought it would make a great movie and pitched it to ‘Hollywood’. She writes romantic comedic mysteries, romantic YA time travel and New Adult romance. Her book The Story of You and Me was a Quarterfinalist in the Amazon Breakout Novel Award (ABNA) 2014 in Romance. Cupcakes, Pies, and Hot Guys was a Quarterfinalist in ABNA 2013 in Mystery . She’s addicted to TV shows — The Voice and Reign. The movies Love Actually and The Bourne trilogy (with Matt Damon — not that other actor guy,) make her cry ever time she watches them. (Like — a thousand.) When she’s not writing Pamela’s also a chiropractor and cat wrangler. She loves reading, the beach, working out, movies, TV, animals, her family and friends. She lives in Venice, California with her fur-babies. She likes her coffee strong, her cabernet hearty, her chocolate dark, her foods non-GMO and she lives for a good giggle.

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  1. Great interview! “If you like your heroines flawed but courageous, your heros handsome and brave and your bad guys dark and twisted” – all of that = yes!! haha. I love a great villain the most. A villain that is really twisted and evil. It’s fascinating! >.<

  2. Thanks for interviewing me on your site at Underneath the Covers! I do appreciate it.

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