Review ~ Holly Hearts Hollywood by Kenley Conrad

Summary from Goodreads:

Seventeen-year-old Holly Hart wants to be a star. She moves to Los Angeles from the small town of Cedar Junction, only to hear she’s too fat and ugly to be a famous singer.But when Shell Shocked Records looks past Holly’s plus-size and less-than-graceful-personality to offer her a recording contract, Holly cannot believe her good fortune. On closer inspection, however, the record execs want Holly to do all the singing, and a thinner and more beautiful girl, Lacey, would lip-sync and get all the credit. Holly goes for it because after all, she wanted to sing.

Contractually bound to secrecy, Holly is more than happy to sit backstage while Lacey shimmies in the limelight and basks in the fame. Before she knows it, Holly is friends with Serena, the pop-star daughter of a music-mogul, flirting with an intern, and developing a strange half-friendship with Lacey.

When Grayson Frost, the biggest country star in America, and coincidentally, a former school bully begins dating Lacey, Holly hopes that he won’t recognize or torment her.

Through a series of embarrassing and weird events, Holly gets to know Grayson and learns that he is much nicer and more mature than he was four years ago. Holly is horrified when she starts falling for him. When Grayson admits he fell for Lacey’s voice, what is a girl to do when she can’t legally tell the truth at the moment when the truth matters the most?


Holly Hearts Hollywood is a great light read for anyone looking for a little bit of love, laughter and a dash of romance.  Kenley Conrad does a good job of writing a story that is light and funny that will have you captivated and hooked.  I absolutely loved the POV that the story is told in and it allows you into the mind of Holly and definitely allows the audience to connect with the main character.  Conrad does a great of job connecting the reader to the characters so that they are emotionally invested in what happens to Holly and Grayson.

Holly Hearts Hollywood is a must read for anyone who loves the YA genre and a bit of Hollywood Romance.

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