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Under the bright lights of Nashville, Levi Austin is a country music superstar whose life is rocked by the tragic death of his former wife, leaving him to raise their two daughters. Now faced with having to tell his girls, and making the hard decision about where they’ll live, Levi packs his bags and rushes off to Los Angeles—the last place he wants to be, but the one place where no one will recognize him.

Zara Phillips loves two things: her husband Van, and the band she created with her brother, Reverend Sister. To her, her life is perfect until she discovers that her high school sweetheart husband is cheating on her. The paparazzi are relentless, forcing a devastated and heartbroken Zara to stay hidden until the record label demands she shoot a video for the band’s new single, driving her out of seclusion.

Two people collide from opposite worlds. Neither knowing who the other is, yet both intrigued by one another. When Levi spills hot coffee on Zara, everything changes. He’s focused on his daughters, trying to do what’s best for them while Zara is determined to get away from everyone and everything in Los Angeles.

When Levi offers her sanctuary at his home in Nashville, Zara jumps at the opportunity to disappear… with the hopes that Levi comes with her.

What transpires next are the lives of two very different people finding their path along a very bumpy and unforgiving road, who are tested by their loved ones, the media and one ex that doesn’t want to go away quietly.


Real life meets fiction in Famous in Love.  When I started to read this amazing book by Lelly Hughes, I pictured Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani and how their love came to be. Flash forward to the novel by Lelly Hughes, we meet Levi Austin who is beyond famous in the country world and in Nashville is a hero. Tragedy strikes when his ex loses her life in a car accident leaving his two daughters behind in the crazy city of LA. When Levi goes to LA to break the news to his daughters and bring them home to him in Nashville, he meets Zara Phillips, punk-rock and tabloid queen. Both not knowing who the other is, share so many things in common even though their lives could not be anymore different. Soon a friendship that develops between the two develops into something more, something beyond the lights and camera flashes and they are Famous in Love.

I absolutely loved Levi Austin. I pictured him as this sweet, down-to-earth, country superstar, who is grieving for what he had and what he lost. I love the first interactions between him and Zara and when he dumps the coffee all over her, it makes him feel more real. Throughout the novel, Hughes demonstrates how friendship can develop over a course of time and how two people who would be so unlikely to fall in love, can find each other in the most unique circumstances. My heart bleed for Zara after finding out her first love, her husband and the man who she focused her entire life, was cheating on her for who knows how long. But then, lucky for her, she met the man who would change her world and his beautiful daughters who would steal his heart.  I love Zara and Levi together and was rooting for them so they could each have a second chance in love.

If you are a fan of the stars, follow the tabloids or love second chance romances, then Famous Love is the book for you. Lelly Hughes writes a sexy, sweet, fun romance that will leave you smiling and cheering Levi and Zara on. The characters are beautifully written, with a wonderful backstory about love and friendship and the story line is one that is headline making. Make sure you pick up Famous Love and add it to your To-Be-Read Shelf!

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