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The Last Resort Motel: Room One by Gwyn McNamee

Title: The Last Resort Motel: Room One Author: Gwyn McNamee Genre: Romance Suspense Release Date: January 11, 2018  Max Lawson doesn’t belong here. The California surf boy has no business being up Spruce Mountain or anywhere near The Last Resort Motel. There can only be one reason he’s hanging around, to search one of the old mines in hopes of striking it rich. And as soon as he’s done, he’ll be gone fast enough to make my head spin. Out here, a girl needs to take advantage of any opportunity for a little fun, but it can never be more. Read More

Cover Reveal ~ Unwanted by Leigh Lennon

    Title: Unwanted Author: Leigh Lennon Genre: Contemporary Romance Cover Design: Kasmit Covers Release Date: January 26, 2018 Blurb Emma A baby is all I’ve ever wanted. After almost dying on the operating table, I despise everything about motherhood, especially the little girl I brought into this world. It makes me sound awful; hell; I am awful. How can I make myself fall in love with a baby I feel no attachment to? Tyler I don’t recognize my wife anymore. When I thought I might lose Emma during our baby’s delivery; she survived only to reject the baby I Read More

Worth the Risk by J.B. Heller

Worth the Risk J.B. Heller Publication date: January 4th 2018 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance It was meant to be a one-time thing. One night they could let go of the restrictive chains their everyday lives bound them in. When a new client file turns out to belong to the woman Abe slept with three months ago, he does something he has never done before. He goes against company policy, one he created, and places himself on the case as her full-time bodyguard. It’s not bad enough her father’s political aspirations have landed Kalista in hot water, she’s about to have Read More

Bennett by Haley Jenner

    Title: Bennett Series: Leaves of a Maple #3 Author: Haley Jenner Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: January 13, 2018 Blurb Bennett James was out of my league. Beautiful. Charismatic. Addictive. He was the type of man that women fawn over, that could have anyone his heart (or his insatiable libido) desired. He was never supposed to notice me and he sure as hell was never meant to pursue me.Darci Walker is an enigma. Guarded but wild, if she lets you close enough, and therein lies my problem. My sweet, untamed addiction liked to play timid. That was her Read More

Everywhere Unraveled by Fiona Keane

Title: Everywhere Unraveled Series: Foundlings #2 Author: Fiona Keane Genre: YA Romance Release Date: January 9, 2018 Publisher: Limitless Publishing     They told me I had to leave her. They were right. It doesn’t matter that she’s the first thing I think about every morning, and my last thought before I sleep. It doesn’t matter that the moment my heart started beating was when I laid it at her feet. As long as she’s around me, she’s in danger. I have to keep her away, keep her safe, before this storm overtakes us. The truth is something she cannot Read More