Cover Reveal ~ Summer by Ciara Knight

Synopsis: Rose Burton yearns to cut a strangling parental leash. After being diagnosed with diabetes, she hashes out a plan to graduate early so she can attend the University of Tennessee with the love of her life, Marcus Vega. Marcus is a young man from the wrong side of the creek. After beating his addiction, he devotes himself to becoming a physician and earning the right to love Rose Burton. But devotion can’t erase the past. When he’s accused of being involved in a gang shooting, he risks everything to prove his innocence and protect the ones he loves. Title: Read More

Heart Beat Series: Rock Notes, Love Notes and Music Notes by Renee Lee Fisher

Synopsis: Rock Notes Madison Tierney’s a writer, whose husband, Thomas suddenly left her after 10 years; she is destroyed and now recently alone and divorced. She picks herself up slowly trying to restore her lost confidence and ability to love again. She follows her writing passion and ventures to follow a local band – Rolling Isaac’s and write about them, raw and real and how they follow their dreams. Her book is titled ROCK NOTES. Her ex-husband wants to come back, and she is torn with what she had for ten years with him which was safe, comforting and a Read More

Excerpt ~ Found in Us by Layla Hagen

I decide to use the dress as an excuse to leave early. To my dismay, Parker is leaning against the wall farther down the corridor, one or two turns away from the entrance to the bar. His eyes rest on the stain on my dress for a few seconds and my cheeks flare up instantly. I’m sure he can see the redness in them even in the dim light. “I have to go,” I say. “My dress is soaked.” “I’ll drive you home,” he says, walking toward me. “No, you just got here. I’m sure you and Dani have lots Read More

Excerpt ~ Sugar on The Rush by Sawyer Bennett

My hands grip the steering wheel with white knuckles as I realize all of a sudden that I’m driving a $140,000 vehicle. Then they start to sweat. “Relax,” Gavin croons at me. “You’re doing fine.” “I don’t want to wreck your car. It would take me a lifetime to pay it off,” I mutter. “That’s what insurance is for,” he says casually. Then he demands, “Go faster.” I push a little more firmly on the accelerator and the Maserati leaps under my request, the engine growling sexily at me. I can’t help the smile that comes to my face. “Nice, Read More

Review ~ Bad Taste in Men by Kylie Gilmore

Synopsis: Something’s Brewing Between Friends… Rachel Miller knows opening a café with coffee and pastries will make her struggling bookstore the place to hang out. But when the bank turns her down and her best friend Shane steps in, she vows business will never ruin their friendship. Gourmet ice-cream maker Shane O’Hare knows food, not women. To sweep Rachel off her feet, he secretly sells his beloved ’67 Shelby Mustang and becomes a partner in her café. And then she sets him up with a friend. As they build the café together, and Rachel learns what Shane has sacrificed for Read More