Ms. Nice Nasty: Cam’s Confession by LaKisha Johnson

About the Book Title: Ms. Nice Nasty: Cam’s Confession Author: LaKisha Johnson Genre: Romance What is it with secrets, sex, lies and did I mention sex? For Camille, she has had her fair share of them all. From A Secret Worth Keeping to Ms. Nice Nasty. What’s next? Yea, she has always proclaimed to be “unapologetically Cam” but when it seems like the world around her is beginning to tumble down, she has to face some real truths about whom she really is and who she wants to be. With the help or the badgering of her therapist, Camille is Read More

Scarred Series Bundle by Kylie Walker

    Title: Scarred Series Bundle Series: Scarred #1-3 Author: Kylie Walker Genre: Romantic Suspense  Release Date: September 8, 2015   Blurb Pain…Fear…Uncertainty…That pretty much sums up Kelly Ward’s life in a nutshell. Surviving a childhood filled with horrific abuse and then at the hand of the one man that saved her… her first love that she trusted only to discover he was really a monster. Jesse Donovan will try and kill her again once he gets out of prison. On the run… New city…New identity is the new Chloe Green. Not the broken, scarred and frail Kelly Ward. Trying Read More

No Magic Moment by Angel Payne & Victoria Blue

Abra cadabra… My name is Margaux Asher–and I’m in love. Crazy, right? Me, the girl who grew up in the lap of luxury and the shadow of cynicism, is now head-over-heels for an apple farmer’s son who rocks my world and steals my breath. He’s seen the woman beneath the princess, and loves me–for me. Trouble is…he wants all of me. But how can I commit that to him if I don’t know what “me” is? There are pieces missing–and not just mine. Until Michael opens up and shares all of himself, we’re a great opening explosion, but not a Read More

Hate To Love You by Isabelle Richards

      Title: Hate to Love You Series: Love/Hate #1 Author: Isabelle Richards  Release Date: September 9, 2015   Blurb Opposites in every way, Chase and Arianna have been bitter rivals since childhood. Constantly in competition, they fight incessantly, making it nearly impossible for them to be in the same room with each other. Until they slept together.Sex changes everything. In one emotional evening, they go from enemies to lovers. Hate quickly evolves into passionate lust, but old habits die hard. The love growing between them can’t erase a lifetime of animosity. The two quickly fall back into old Read More

Rival Seduction by Alexandrea Weis

Release Date: September14, 2015 Author:  Alexandrea Weis Cover Design:  Laura Hidalgo @ Beyond DEF Synopsis   Strong willed, independent, and competitive as hell, Heather Phillips isn’t going to let anyone beat her in the show ring… that is until Grant Crowley started taking away her blue ribbons.  A wealthy cattle rancher with an attitude and taste for beautiful women, Grant is the only person who ever made Heather feel second best.  Yet she is determined to beat him, no matter the cost. When an accident brings the two rivals together, their heated dislike has to be put on hold.  Outside of Read More