Compulsion and Addiction by Misti Murphy

Book Title: Compulsion and Addiction (Magnetic Desires) Author: Misti Murphy Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: June 24, 2015 Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions Compulsion Stranded in the friend zone, Orion Lance has been in love with his best friend Clo since high school and unable to work out how to get her to see him as more. After catching her husband cheating, Clo turns to her best friend Orion for support, only to find he wants more than she’s willing to give. While Orion shows her that not all men are pricks, and not all roses have thorns, Clo must Read More

What Janie Wants by Rhenna Morgan

Book Title: What Janie Wants Author: Rhenna Morgan Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: June 22, 2015 Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions Clothing optional… Janie McAlister should have known better than to trust her quirky sister’s taste in resorts. Instead of thatched-roof huts and designer pools overlooking the ocean, she’s landed at the one seventies throwback in the Riviera Maya with an open door nudity policy. No way is she going à la natural in public. And she’s sure not entertaining the advances of the bold young man with the delicious body daring her to do exactly that…and so much more. Read More

Bothered by Jessa Jacobs

      Title: Bothered Series: Irrationally His #1 Author: Jessa Jacobs  Release Date: July 8, 2015 Blurb “You do know you’re trespassing, right?” “I’m not trespassing.” He quirked one eyebrow, the challenge clear. Then he looked pointedly at my chest again. I crossed my arms. “My mother is married to the owner of this ranch.” His eyes widened. “Is she? How nice for you.” With a cocky grin, he tossed my shirt to me, but didn’t look away. “I’m crushed you don’t remember me, Sis.”It was one of the most humiliating moments of my life. It was supposed to Read More

Meeting the Step by Ash Adams

      Title: Meeting the Step Series: The Step #1 Author: Ash Adams  Release Date: July 8, 2015 Blurb Max and Chelsea couldn’t deny their instant attraction, which meant trouble.Their parents would never approve, but who said they had to know. It all started with one kiss and a weekend alone… Him: When I returned from vacation my father dropped the news that he was remarrying. I would have a stepsister but I didn’t want one. I told him he was twenty years too late for the whole sibling thing. I hated the thought of her until we met Read More

Tattooed Hearts by Mika Jolie

Book Title: Tattooed Hearts (Martha’s Way, #3) Author: Mika Jolie Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: June 26,, 2015 Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions Being someone’s first love is unforgettable. Being their last is immeasurable. Claire Peters should be on top of the world. She owns the radio waves and has a budding movie career. But her heart longs to be rooted. Ten years ago, she fled Martha’s Vineyard to pursue her dream and to make something of herself. But there’s still a void. After a decade of running, she returns to the island hoping to find her happiness with the Read More