Guest Post ~ Top Things to Pack – Top 5 Travel Reads by Adi Alsaid

Things to pack 5. Books 4. Notebook/pen 3. My “I wish I could fly” penguin t-shirt for airplane days. 2. If it’s a road trip, snacks. Not much else. I prefer to keep it light.   Top 5 Travel-Themed Reads/Books to Read on the Road With Friends like These by Danny Wallace- A very funny man—the author of Yes Man—decides to revisit long lost friends across the globe. A touching and entertaining read about the things worth traveling for. Timbuktu by Paul Auster- A canine protagonist will teach you more about loneliness and how to be okay with it than Read More

Questions and Answers with Sara Jane St (Author of Full Exposure)

1)    What is your inspiration for writing?   I draw a lot of inspiration from the news.  An article about men and women returning from war sparked the idea for Georgia, the heroine in Full Exposure.  One of the female veterans spoke of her desire to seek adventure when she returned from war, and I thought wow, that would make an interesting character for a romance novel!    2)    What is your favorite character you have written and why?   Georgia Trulane.  As a twenty-something former soldier struggling with PTSD, she is strong, a little wild and so much fun Read More

Full Exposure by Sara Jane Stone

Synopsis: No touching allowed … After serving her country, Georgia Trulane craves adventure—and sex. She’s set her sights on her brother’s best friend—now her boss, since she took a temporary job as his nephew’s live-in nanny. Only problem? Eric refuses to touch her. That doesn’t stop Georgia from seducing him. But an earth-shattering encounter leaves her fully exposed, body and soul. Eric has a long list of reasons to steer clear of the woman he has wanted for as long as he can remember. For one, he refuses to be her next thrill ride. When he claims her, it will Read More

Blue Midnight by Tess Thompson

Synopsis: “If you change your mind, here’s this.” Finn Lanigan kissed a young Blythe Heywood one last time under an Idaho star-scattered sky. Then she left, returning to her fiancé and the wedding she’d committed to. It was the last kiss that ever weakened her knees, the last sky she noticed for over a dozen years. Thirteen years later, newly divorced, she finds the forgotten slip of paper in the back of drawer. Finn Lanigan – 208-555-2004 She’d tossed it years before, hadn’t she? Surely she had, in one of the moments that first year of marriage when her loyalty was resolute. Read More

Cover Reveal ~ Healing My Heart by Aleya Michelle

Cover Designed by Rebecca Berto from Berto Designs. Synopsis: Roxy is in a bind… Should she stay true to herself or should she follow her wounded heart back to her first love? Back to the one who left her heartbroken and alone. Who will be the one to help heal her heart? Will it be Dylan, who started as her re-bound, but has become her strength and her life line over the past few months. Or will it be Kade, the one who stole her heart and showed her the true meaning of love. Then showed her all the despair, Read More