Body of Law 3 by Amanda Lance

  Body of Law Volume 3 by Amanda Lance RELEASE DAY BLITZ March 31, 2015 I should have known I couldn’t change him. Maybe I was even wrong for trying, but I really thought Sebastian Scott had something redeemable about him (other than his body anyway), something I could bring out if I cared about him enough. I was wrong. But even though I’m not his intern anymore, I can’t deny our physical attraction, ruining my chances of a relationship with anyone else. If that weren’t bad enough, Sebastian’s behavior has become more erratic than ever. I want to blame Read More

Body of Law by Amanda Lance

Body of Law Volume 2 By Amanda Lance Release Day Blitz February 5, 2015   She turned me into a criminal… She corrupted my practical line of thinking by being uncommonly beautiful and so much more interesting than I expected. It’s too bad she wasn’t just someone else—someone who wasn’t swimming with brilliance. She had the uncanny talent to make me feel—well, to make me feel anything at all—something no other woman had ever done before. I hate her for it, and yet I can’t throw her away like all the other women before. Still, with criminal charges pending against Read More