Trillionaire Boys’ Club: The Connector by Aubrey Parker

Trillionaire Boys’ Club: The Connector Aubrey Parker Publication date: November 1st 2016 Genres: New Adult, Romance People say money can’t buy love. Fortunately, it can buy everything else. My name is Nathan Turner. I’m the best networker in the world, and I make big deals happen. Right now, I’m bringing together the most powerful people on the planet. When the group is complete, we’ll have a pool of over one trillion dollars. Internally, we call ourselves the Syndicate. But within the Syndicate is another group — a smaller group of bad-boy billionaires who the press already knows and loves. We Read More

Almost Wrong by Aubrey Parker

Almost Wrong Aubrey Parker Publication date: October 11th 2016 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance I’ve always hated Hunter Altman. I hated him at first sight, in my teens, when my mother met his worthless father. I hated when Bill moved in with us, dragging Hunter like bad baggage. I hated when Mom and Bill made it official, turning the delinquent a-hole in the next room into my brand-new stepbrother. I hated when I fell for Hunter, and Hunter fell for me. It killed me when he left us behind, shed like dead skin on his way to the top. And now Read More

Hotel Indigo by Aubrey Parker

Hotel Indigo Aubrey Parker Publication date: September 13th 2016 Genres: Adult, Romance At the luxurious Hotel Indigo, the staff is attentive and the heat is always on. Between her father’s funeral, stress from work, and her mother’s guilt, Lucy White has hit her boiling point. Something’s got to give, so she books a room at the exclusive Hotel Indigo spa to let it all go, and leave her worries behind. Dark and brooding Marco is Indigo’s best masseur — always in demand, always under pressure to “make the ladies feel good.” According to the boss, Marco’s pay depends on talented Read More

Gagged by Aubrey Parker

Gagged Aubrey Parker Publication date: May 17th 2016 Genres: New Adult, Romance, Suspense “I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do,” Caspian tells me. “I’ll just force you to do as you wish.” I’ve always been a good girl. Partly by choice, partly because of my mother’s shame and my father’s belt. Caspian White is strong. Handsome. Powerful. Frightening. The world knows his name, envies his wealth, suspects his kinks, and fears his wrath. I’ve kept myself pure, and that’s drawn Caspian to me like a predator to prey. I don’t want to do what he wants me Read More

Burning Ultimatum by Aubrey Parker

Burning Ultimatum Aubrey Parker (Trevor’s Harem, #4) Publication date: March 15th 2016 Genres: New Adult, Romance With Trevor’s contest at its end, it’d be easy to say we’re three against one. And yet I’ve never felt so alone. My heart is torn, twisted, ripped. I’m alternately hot and cold. I dream vivid dreams, no longer sure if they’re fantasy or reality. There’s a new player in the game. He’s tall, broad, beautiful, and intimidating. Everyone is afraid of him, even the company. I’m told he has a secret, and that I’m its subject. And someone else has a secret, too Read More