Why I’m Yours by S. Moose & C.A. Harms

    Title: Why I’m Yours Authors: S. Moose & C.A. Harms Genre: New Adult Romance  Release Date: October 10, 2017 Blurb A point in time, an unexpected event, changes everything.Reagan’s life was about to begin. A recent college graduate with her career about to launch, she was living in Boston with her best friends. She had everything she worked hard for until one man took it all away, leaving her feeling empty and desolate.After spending a few years alone, Reagan finally moves to Chicago with her best friend, Aimee, and vows to put her past behind her. When Reagan Read More

Heat by C.A. Harms

Title: Heat Series: Montgomery Men #2 Author: C.A. Harms Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: April 10, 2017 Kindle Unlimited Beckett Montgomery is a well-known detective in the New York area. He takes his job seriously and has little time for anything else. During an investigation in to a series of break-ins of an apartment building on 32nd St., he finds himself getting a little too involved. What had always in the past been his job, now felt as if it was so much more. He can’t seem to let go of the image of the beautiful, scared blonder face. He found that Read More

Tattooed Hearts by C.A. Harms

Title: Tattooed Hearts Author: C.A. Harms Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: December 13, 2016 Permanent An indefinite, everlasting and imperishable stamp. Like a tattoo. One that would forever be with you to remind you of a single moment in time, or a person that touched you in some way. That was exactly what Jenny was to Sean. And no matter how hard he tried, he could never forget the one girl who would forever have his heart. A lifetime of friendship, shattered by one irreversible mistake. A choice that Jenny would forever regret, but only because it pushed away the Read More

Deceitful Choices by C.A. Harms

Title: Deceitful Choices Author: C.A. Harms Genre: Contemporary Romance Standalone Release Date: August 2, 2016 Some lies you just can’t come back from.  The damage is too deep.  The effects are too strong, and the path they lead you on can be devastating.  One lie only led to another as Lindsay tried to be someone she wasn’t. She wanted just one moment to pretend she didn’t live the life she had been cursed with.  She wanted to live without regret.  Live for the moment.  She wanted to laugh and smile without feeling as if at any moment something or someone Read More

Lies by C.A. Harms

    Title: Lies Series: Phoenix Undercover #1 Author: C.A. Harms Genre: Romantic Suspense   Release Date: November 24, 2015 Blurb FBI Agent Joshua Phoenix goes undercover…Deep. Thrust into a world of drugs and criminal activity, integrating himself into the Russian Mafia turned out to be much more than Josh bargained for. It’s dark and it’s dangerous. The lives they destroy along the way will never be the same. The things he is forced to do will haunt him forever. Even more importantly, he never planned on meeting her… A chance encounter with Real Estate Agent Gabriella Shannon, has Josh questioning Read More