Cover Reveal ~ The Attraction File by Elizabeth Lynx

    Title: The Attraction File A Cake Love Series Novel Author: Elizabeth Lynx Genre: Romantic Comedy Cover Design: Elizabeth Lynx Re-release Date: September 21, 2017   Blurb She’s Cold. He’s Hot. When they get together they burn.  Evaleen Bechmann is too busy running Human Resources for the billion-dollar company, Mimir, to even consider dating. As for emotions, she refuses to discuss that too. It doesn’t matter anyway. She’s invisible to men, especially one man in particular. Evaleen is fine with that. Not everyone gets their happily ever after, that’s only for novels.Edgar Mirmir is a Nordic god to some, Read More

Rules of Payne by Elizabeth Lynx

  Title: Rules of Payne Series: Cake Love #1 Author: Elizabeth Lynx Genre: Romantic Comedy Re-release Date: March 27, 2017   Blurb Morgana Drake has a problem. Her boss Henrik Payne. He is short-tempered, self-centered, in dire need of a social life, probably an undiagnosed workaholic, and practically unbearable.  Yet.  She wants to rip his clothes off. To slather him in vanilla buttercream frosting and lick it off him from toe to head, and especially in between. How will she ever get ahead at the company if she keeps imagining her boss melting in her mouth? Henrik Payne has rules. Rules Read More

Rules of Payne by Elizabeth Lynx

Book Title: Rules of Payne Author: Elizabeth Lynx Genre: Erotic Romantic Comedy (Novella) Release Date: April 1, 2015 Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions Morgana Drake has some problems in her life. Problem #1: She has a boss that is a jerk. Truth be told everyone at her company hates him due to this fact. Problem #2: Morgana fantasizes and has sex dreams about her awful boss because he is just sooo good looking. She may have done a lot more than fantasize, but please don’t tell anyone. Problem #3: She wants to get into her company’s Executive Development Program, but Read More

Him, Her, Them Box Set by Elizabeth Lynx

Grading Him: Book 1 Josephine Powell is an intelligent assistant professor of Psychology. She is a woman who knows what she wants, a man she would be happy giving a grade A to in the bedroom. Unfortunately, she has yet to meet a man that even comes close. She’s tired of dealing with men who just don’t try; she needs a man who can handle her and her needs. Pierce Carver is a smart man. So, smart he got out of the slums of Baltimore to go to MIT and make a lot of money so he never has to Read More

Becoming Them by Elizabeth Lynx

Book Title: Becoming Them Author: Elizabeth Lynx Genre: Erotic Romance (Novella) Release Date: October 2014 Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions Josephine Powell has a Grade A man in Pierce. She has a great career as Assistant Professor of Psychology with a chance for a full professorship. Even her friend Luna has found love in Pierce’s friend Corbin. So why is her world starting to turn upside down. Her co-worker treats her as if there is a serious joke she isn’t getting and Pierce keeps pulling away. Is everything good in her straight A life or is something very dark lurking Read More