Becoming His by Ellie Masters

  ❀❦✿↬↫❀❦✿↬↫❀❦✿↬↫❀❦✿   NEW RELEASE ❀❦✿↬↫❀❦✿↬↫❀❦✿↬↫❀❦✿   Becoming His – The Collective-Season one Episode Eight by Ellie Masters AMAZON US ❀❦✿↬↫❀❦✿↬↫❀❦✿↬↫❀❦✿ BECOMING HIS Deliciously Dark and Daring… County Coroner, Sally Levenson, hasn’t dated since the death of her husband five years ago. Intelligent but shy, she’s hidden herself from the world. Her days are a never-ending cycle of eat, work, sleep, and repeat, and she’s suffocating in the monotony of her life. That is, until she met Derek Lemark, a man whose money makes money, and who controls every aspect of his life. Derek finds Sally captivating, intelligent, but shy. Read More