A Heart Strings Love Affair Series by J. Haney

Series Book Blitz: A Heart Strings Love Affair Series by J. Haney   Feb 9th – Feb 16th Kentucky Blues (A Heart Stings Love Affair, #1)   Do you ever wish you were in an 80s movie, where the guy always gets the girl and girl always goes through hell but end result is perfect? Yea well my life is nothing’s like that.My name is Abigail Greenwood I live on the wrong side of the tracks. I don’t hang with the cool kids and I actually have to work for the stuff I want. My cokehead mother won’t do shit and Read More

An Unexpected Love by J Haney

Book Blitz: An Unexpected Love (Hudson Brothers PI Book 1) by J Haney Feb 5th – Feb 12th   Their worlds were fused together by a single ringing of the telephone.Kyler Jefferson was just sixteen when her family was brutally murdered. Left pregnant and alone she has been running for nearly a decade from place to place, terrified that one day they would be found by the mysterious caller with sinister intentions. Since the deaths of his mother and sister, Caleb Hudson has been living the bachelor ’s life. As a private investigator he usually handles cheating spouses and missing persons, Read More