With the First Goodbye by Len Webster

Be the first to get a sneak peak at With the First Goodbye by Len Webster! It’s releasing September 27. EXCLUSIVE iBooks pre-order → http://apple.co/2vbTu12 Goodreads → http://bit.ly/2vDNCdq The woman who sat in front of him had been everything at one time. Until the real Sarah Collins unveiled herself. A manipulative bitch. A woman willing to take a secret to her grave. A person who would go to extreme lengths to ruin lives. She had been the woman Max had loved. All the things he had been oblivious to since he had met her were now clear. She wasn’t the Read More

With the First Goodbye by Len Webster

  It’s so hard to say goodbye. With the First Goodbye by Len Webster releases September 27th! iBooks readers can take advantage of the EXCLUSIVE pre-order here → http://apple.co/2vbTu12 Everyone else, ADD TO YOUR TBR → http://bit.ly/2vDNCdq BLURB: Bros before hoes or so the saying goes. However, Maxwell Sheridan threw that saying out the window the minute he hooked up with his best friend, Alex’s, poisonous ex. The moment he slept with her, he was hooked. Sloppy seconds was not his style, but she was a cruel addiction he couldn’t overcome. He thought his days of betraying his best friends Read More

The First Touch of Sunlight by Len Webster

    Title: The First Touch of Sunlight Author: Len Webster Genre: A Standalone Contemporary Romance Release Date: December 13, 2016   Blurb   My Josh. His Beth. Someone else’s Meredith.Destined to fall apart before their lips have even touched, Samuel Michaels and Meredith Driessen have seven years of almosts between them. Seven years ago, a night by the river would bind them together. Seven years ago, Sam’s entire world blew up before his eyes. His only saviour … Meredith.She saved his life, exposing him to what it could be like to be with her. But that wasn’t Life’s plan. Read More

What You Left Behind by Len Webster

    Title: What You Left Behind Series: Thirty-Eight #3  Author: Len Webster Genre: Contemporary Romance/New Adult   Release Date: August 6, 2015   Blurb   No amount of white sand or distance could bury their past. Some things are just never meant to be forgotten. When Julian Moors returned from Thailand he left behind all his belongings, his father and only brother in Melbourne and moved to Sydney. One girl shattered his world and left him with more questions than answers. Behind the persona, Stevie Appleton tries to outrun her past. Nightmares and memories have started to collide, putting her Read More