Wasted Lust by J.A. Huss

Synopsis: A girl with regrets… Sasha Cherlin died the night she let Nick Tate walk out on her for a life of crime. Her very essence was destroyed when they broke their promise to one another. A man with remorse… Nick Tate made his choice with her future in mind. He loved Sasha enough to know that leaving her behind was the only way to keep her safe. A path to revenge… Special Agent Jax Barlow understands the bond of love and he plans to use it to get justice. Nick and Sasha will do anything to rewrite their past. Read More

June by Audrey Carlan

      Title: June Series: Calendar Girl #6 Author: Audrey Carlan  Release Date: June 25, 2015 Blurb   Politics, phallic statues, and pretty women.Literally everywhere you look, you see an old man and a gold-digging cling-on wrapped around their wrinkly arms. Luck had not gone my way when Warren Shipley, one of the nation’s wealthiest men hired me to play arm-candy in order to save face with the other one percenters he did business with. At least that’s what I thought when I arrived in Washington, DC, until I was met by old man Shipley’s debonair and insanely handsome Read More

So the Heart Can Dance by Mary Crawford

    Blog Tour: So the Heart Can Dance (A Hidden Beauty Novel) (Volume 2) by Mary Crawford June 15th – June 25th       For most, life is a winding road of challenges, some joyful, while others lead to heartache and despair. Tara Isamu, a dancer blessed with grace and elegance, lives a remarkable life. She sees her future as bright…but that all changes in an instant, when a single act of violence steals her innocence.Tara’s dreams are suddenly shattered, turning her emotions inward, where she harbors a secret that has seemingly blemished her soul. She is left Read More

Cover Reveal ~ Gold Shimmer

      Title: Gold Shimmer Series: In the Shadows #4 Author: P.T. Michelle Cover Design: P.T. Michelle  Release Date: August 4, 2015   Blurb I never thought that my plan to crash a masked party to exact a bit of revenge would fall apart so easily. It was a foolproof plan. The absolute best scenario. Moon-and-stars-aligned worthy. No one would suspect I was anyone other than the wealthy, self-absorbed girl I pretended to be. The one who would wreak havoc that night.Then again, I also didn’t plan on running into a wall of sharp wit and steely determination named Calder. Read More

Cover Reveal ~ Tattered on My Sleeve by Autumn Jones Lake

    Title: Tattered on My Sleeve Series: Lost Kings MC #4 Author: Autumn Jones Lake Cover Design: AJ Lake  Release Date: July 28, 2015 Blurb Trinity Hurst. That girl fucking owned me the minute I laid eyes on her. At twenty-one years old she already had a cold, calculating wall around her. The walls she built up around herself were designed to keep guys like me away. Underneath her tough girl exterior lay something sweet and vulnerable that I very much wanted to explore.I had her first. I fell in love with her. Then we fucked everything up.   Read More