In Irina’s Cards by Christine Hart

In Irina’s Cards Christine Hart (The Variant Conspiracy Trilogy, #1) Publication date: May 4th 2016 Genres: New Adult, Romance, Science Fiction Irina Proffer leaves mundane small-town life behind when she experiences visions inspired by a strange deck of tarot cards. To get answers, she travels from her northern British Columbia home to the province’s coastal capital. She quickly discovers a world of fringe genetic science and supernatural mystery. Working for Innoviro Industries, Irina is drawn in by a powerful first love and compelling, yet dangerous questions about the nature of the company’s business. Meeting other ‘variants’ brings Irina closer and Read More

Phase One: Identify by Rose Winters

  Virtual Book Tour Dates: 12/30/14 – 1/13/15 Genres: Young Adult Romance, Horror, Zombies, Science Fiction Series: Territory of the Dead Tour Promo: All books in this series are $.99! Available free with Kindle Unlimited.     Blurb: Eighteen-year-old Tabitha Alexander had just graduated from high school when the dead invaded her small town of Pleasant, Louisiana. Working as a checkout girl in the only grocery store in town, she barely made it out with her life. But the night was only beginning. What started out as a group of three grows, as they are joined by the few that Read More

Cursed by Evangeline Anderson

  Synopsis: This is a plus length novel–over 153,000 words long. Commander Stavros Rii of the Kindred is a Sin Eater–thick black lines cover his back and neck causing him to feel the pain of others. It is a curse that threatens to shorten his life and makes him unable to bond with a female–not that he’s ever found one he wants to bond with. Until he meets Charlie. Charlie Sayers is an agent with the Earth Protection Bureau– and anti Kindred agency dedicated to ridding the world of the big aliens. Charlie joined the EPB out of a sense Read More